Kevin Kelley’s Kitchen + Kocktails catapulting soon into D.C.

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Culinary connoisseur Kevin Kelley is set to open Kitchen + Kocktails on I street later this month.

The serial entrepreneur is looking forward to bringing his latest endeavor to the D.C. area.

“We want our customers to feel like kings and queens when they walk in the restaurant,” Kelley told the AFRO.

He has trekked far and wide sampling dishes from across the globe to find the best fit and feng shui for his restaurant. During Kelley’s time abroad in Europe, he drew inspiration from Parisian restaurants in France, such as Edern in and Matignon.

“When I was living in Paris I missed American food,” said Kelley. “I wanted to create a comfort food that would make me happy and others as well.”

The two story 7,500-square-foot building will replace Richard Sandoval’s restaurant, Toro Toro.

Southern soul food including fried chicken and waffles, pork chops in addition to shrimp and grits will grace the menu as a few staples of the cuisine. These entrees are similar to the ones offered at the Chicago and Dallas extensions of the Kitchen + Kocktails brand. However, Kelley promised to ensure the D.C. menu has its own twist.

“Everything that’s on this menu, I believe in. I want to make sure that my customers can trust our word, this cannot be copied elsewhere. This is unique,” said Kelley. “D.C. is going to be pleased by what we bring to them.”

Kelley highlighted the diversity present in the District and shared plans to make the restaurant a welcoming environment for all. His team recently hosted a hiring fair to ensure they are well staffed for the grand opening.

“When we opened in Dallas and Chicago, reservations were sold out for the first month,” said Kelley.

He warned eager patrons to be on the lookout for available reservations on their social media accounts. Those who are interested in booking a reservation can follow @kitchenkocktailsdc on Instagram for more information.

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