Kitchen + Kocktails Brings Lively Vibes and Hearty Classics to Downtown D.C.

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The culinary landscape of downtown D.C. just got tastier and more vibrant with the grand opening of Kitchen + Kocktails, a Black-owned restaurant that promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Led by owner Kevin Kelley and chef Michael McLaurin, this new hotspot has quickly become the talk of the town. With an atmosphere to captivate patrons, Kitchen + Kocktails delivers a chic Instagrammable aesthetic coupled with a menu full of hearty classics.

Nestled in the heart of downtown D.C., Kitchen + Kocktails stands out as a unique dining destination that pays homage to African-American culture and cuisine. With a commitment to providing an extraordinary experience, Kelley and McLaurin have created a space where great food, excellent service and a welcoming ambiance come together seamlessly.

Owner Kevin Kelley explained the concept originated when he was living abroad.

“When I was living in Europe, I missed the food from America that I love so much— this comfort food. So I said when I come back to America full time, I’m going to create what I want and what I miss, that’s a comfort food restaurant.”

The first location was in Dallas, Texas, then Chicago in 2021, and now D.C.

“We just opened up reservations, but we are about 10,000 reservations in right now. So, the people of D.C. have really, really gravitated to the concept and we’re excited.”

With a soul-food-centered menu, Washingtonians and those visiting the District alike can travel to the heart of downtown for Kitchen + Kocktails hearty menu.

“We believe we have America’s greatest comfort food. Our flavors are fantastic with regards to food, our catfish, our fried chicken, black-eyed peas, cornbread, all the southern staples,” said Kelley. “We make them, but we believe we make them better than anybody in the country.”

Beyond food, Kitchen + Kocktails also offers a fantastic beverage menu and an experience that encompasses an Instagrammable nature and popular music.

“We have the Blackberry Margarita, which is Don Julio, blackberry mix, Triple sec, and there you go, voila — it’s magic,” said one of the bartenders during the restaurant’s invited opening. The Blackberry Margarita was accompanied by a purple rock Candy lollipop.

One cannot talk about Kitchen + Kocktails without mentioning their signature drink, the Peach D’usse Frose. This tantalizing concoction, crafted with precision and flair, has quickly become the talk of the town. Even more interestingly, the restaurant sources the bottles on their own and reuses them, adding a sustainable aspect to the experience.

Beyond the delectable menu and captivating ambiance, Kitchen + Kocktails proudly embodies a spirit of community and empowerment.

As a Black-owned business, Kelley is committed to creating opportunities and supporting the local community.

By showcasing the richness of African American culinary heritage, Kelley and Brown are not only satisfying appetites but also inspiring and uplifting others.

Whether you’re seeking a memorable dining experience, a taste of soulful classics, or simply a vibrant atmosphere to unwind with friends, Kitchen + Kocktails is the place to be. Step into this culinary haven and allow yourself to be transported on a gastronomic journey like no other.

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