Reservation and Event Protocol

Reservation and Event Protocol


  • SMALL PARTY: party consists of five to nine people
  • LARGE PARTY: a large party consists of ten or more
  • PRIVATE EVENT: prix fixe menu, dedicated event space, private room reservation


Deposit on arrangement, Contact us for more details. All reservations for small, large parties and private events must be made through the reservations manager.

Food & Beverage Minimums

Parties booking one of our private dining spaces or multiple tables will be required to meet the applicable food and beverage minimum in lieu of a room/table rental fee.

Menu Service

Customers will receive a BEO to confirm selected food and drink items with private events. Personalized menus are available for reservations up to 72 hours in advance notice and in private dining rooms but must be entered into our system. Custom family style meals for 20+ people.

Outside Food and Drink

We do not allow any outside food or drink into the establishment. However, we are happy to provide our preferred vendors for any cakes, cupcakes, etc.

Guest Attendance

For private events, a guaranteed head count is required one week prior to event start date.  You are able to increase your guest count within this timeframe but decreases will not be allowed after the deadline date, for private dining events. For large parties, no changes can be made up to 24 hours before event start time.  Please note any increase in reservations could delay service times. The final bill will be calculated based on reservation count as the guaranteed minimum.

Cancellations Policy

Cancellations will not be accepted for large parties within 48 hours before the event and 7 days for private events.  There is no penalty for large parties to cancel before cancellation deadline. If large party reservation is cancelled within the deadline, there may be a fee. For private events, if event is cancelled within seven days of event, deposit is forfeited. For private events with BEO that cancel, there will be a cancellation fee. Cancellation policies do not affect small parties.


We will verify the card number as well identification upon arrival but payment in full is required on the day of the event.

Service Charges & Tax

We will add the applicable state sales tax to the ticket along with a 5% administrative fee and 15% gratuity charge. For private events, we add a 20% gratuity along with a 5% administrative fee.


We do not assume responsibility for you and your guests’ personal property.  All décor and property must be removed at the end of the reservation time.

Reservation Time

Please note, each reservation has a specified time and can be tailored by the reservations manager.  If your party is late or delayed by 15 minutes, the reservation can be cancelled.  In the event the reservation is not cancelled, the tables are only booked for the specified time.  We will work to service you in the required time or find accommodations, if we are able.

Decoration Fee

Please work with your reservation manager for decoration set up and cost.